Ganged - by the Road Crew: First Time Group MMMF

by Jamie Hunter

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Steaming asphalt. A blistering hot crew. Some roads just beg to be paved...

When Amber's day off is interrupted by the repaving of her street, she's initially annoyed. Enter Noah, the gorgeous, emerald-eyed road worker she invites into her kitchen... and ultimately, who sweeps her willingly into the bedroom as well.

Strong, ripped, and alpha beyond her wildest dreams, Noah takes charge over a whirlwind night of dripping hot, soaking wet, life-altering sex. Left filled, panting, and delirious for more, Amber is shocked when Noah announces he's coming back the next morning... and this time he's bringing friends with him!

The raw energy of this tag-team, bareback, MMMF gangbang is off the charts as Amber is DP'd, spit-roasted and doubled-up on. Interracial fantasies are also fulfilled as this lonely but willing divorcée is ganged to an Earth-shattering climax by the strongest, most powerful members of this hot, sweaty road crew.

A whole gang of men sharing one hot woman... Find out what happens when an insatiable sex-drive collides with mountains of molten-hot man-muscle!

The Ganged Collection

If you like your story's heroine taken by multiple alpha males, down and dirty, and without any protection? This is the series for you! Live each of these first time group encounters through the hesitant but excited eyes of innocent, sex-loving women thrilled to succumb to the ultimate fantasy of being shared by more than one man at a time.