Omega Passion: M/M MPreg Shifter Romance

by Esme Beal

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KNIGHT is a rich Alpha who has more money than he knows what to do with. Inspired by his brethren, the Alpha heads out to the Timberlands to find more resources to fuel more production back in the city and help those in need.

OLIVER is an Omega living in the Timberlands. As the lowest Omega in his skulk, Oliver is constantly looked down upon and dreams of a better life for himself.

While on his journey, Knight gets separated from the rest of his expedition. Injured, lost and low on supplies, all hope seems lost for Knight until he runs into Oliver. The Omega takes a chance on Knight and does everything he can to protect the injured Alpha. A passionate spark between them ignites and emotions they can't control consume them. But despite their desires for one another, both Knight and Oliver face incredible challenges in the woods that will test their hearts as well as their bodies.

Can the two of them form a bond strong enough to face everybody who opposes them? Will Knight achieve the legacy of the Alpha he's trying to be? Will Oliver find the passion in his life he's never experienced before and live to enjoy it? Or will the dangers of the Timberlands consume them both?

OMEGA PASSION is a STEAMY standalone paranormal shifter romance. It features a dominant Alpha and a loving Omega. There are no cliffhangers and no cheating. Happy ending? Check inside to see! Mature readers only!