Sugar And Spice: A Forever Valentine's Day Novella

by B Prince

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This is insane, I have no interest in any relationship other than one with no ties. I have businesses to acquire and there are just too many women vying for my attention and I aim to please. But now I just met her, Maya and I am fighting hard not to fall for this sweet innocent untouched angel. I am bad for her and she knows it. If she sticks with the terms of our contract then this would not be a problem. I have built a wall around my heart but now the wall just might come tumbling down because of Maya!


Dane’s so stuck in his ways. I have no time for guys, my bakery is all I need to focus on. But a blind date and I find myself intrigued by this sexy retired hockey star player. I have no time for dating apps after my disastrous past dating experience. Dane must be bad for me but then why am I drawn to him and what he offers? There is no way is he going to let me in or will he?

A hockey sports star returns home a newly minted billionaire thanks to an app. He is introduced to a bakery entrepreneur. Perfect match? Not by a long shot.

Sugar and Spice is a forever Valentines story with a guaranteed HEA, explicit sexual situations, no cliffhanger, no cheating