The Dragon's Healer

by Anastasia Chase

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As the owner of an apothecary and resident elixir expert, Evette was no stranger to the powers of natural remedies. But faced with a terminal illness, she was left with very few options. Little did she know, her hunky new apprentice holds the cure for her ailment - and her heart.

Despite his father's ideals, Valen always felt a connection to humans. He sought to understand them, and having previously trained under the King's head potion master, mixing tinctures in an apothecary was a natural choice. But how could he have known his new teacher would be so intoxicating?

Valen knew that giving Dragon blood to humans was punishable by death, but how could he let the woman who brought him peace die? Will their love sway an entire kingdom, or will Valen's Royal bloodline be the source of their doom?