One Little Letter

by Robin Edwards

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It is the middle of the night, but it is the PERFECT time to do something that scares you shitless...

This is what I've been reduced to, sending secret admirer letters in the dark.
Emails to a woman who doesn't even know who I am.
What's even worse is I am a self-proclaimed woman-hater.
Well not entirely.

I still want to have my way with them, just don't call me Prince Charming.
There won't be flowers or fancy dinners, just them and me and my king-sized bed.
This new pen pal of mine, she's different from all the others.
She's beautiful, witty, charming and most of all she makes me forget how jaded I am.

He's a coward and a rotten bastard.
If I ever see my ex-husband again, he's going to regret abandoning my son and me.
Kyle wants nothing more than for his father come back, while I've given up on men.
Until that one little letter from a new secret admirer.
The guy who caused me to rethink it all.

My first thought? Who'd admire me?
The last thing I needed was another man in my life,
But I can't seem to stop checking my emails.


Sean Martin, a self-proclaimed woman hater, scorned by his ex-wife's affair. After he catches a glimpse of a beautiful woman in a yellow sundress from afar, he starts to rethink his hatred to the female species. He manages to obtain her contact information but due to a clumsy mistake, Sean ends up contacting the wrong woman - her coworker Bridgette Johnson.

Bridgette Johnson, a single mother of a ten-year-old boy named Kyle who wants nothing more than for his father to come back. Kyle's father took off when he was barely a year old, so it is no wonder why Kyle has been asking for his father more and more, while Bridgette has practically given up on love.

Will Sean ever find out he is contacting the wrong woman and will Bridgette ever open her heart enough to let someone in?

AUTHOR NOTE: This is a mildly spicy Contemporary Romance story with an HEA ending, no cliffhangers. There are mild language and mild scenes so must be over 18 years old to read this book!