The Falconer

by Alexandra Rivers

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Chloe is a woman whose principles are not for sale.
Disinherited by her late father, she works as a performance artist in Washington Square Park, awaiting her big break. Her love life is nonexistent; her first and only boyfriend left her a year earlier, taking her suitcase with him.

Ian is a successful composer with roots in Greece. He is also a cynical widower struggling with a scandalous past, as reflected by his latest musical project, Bluebeard.
When Agape the rabbit dies at the talons of Ian’s hawk, Chloe is appalled by the man's arrogance, and she decides to deflate him by deflating his tires –with a hunting knife.

Furious, Ian avenges himself by posing online as Evan, the employee of a dating site, and he arranges the most disastrous dates for Chloe that he can manage. 
As Ian's deceit is revealed, Chloe must discover for herself who he really is and whether they can be happy together in spite of their disastrous beginnings.