Fire on the Frontline Shifted ARC

by Shifted Sheets ARC Services

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An enslaved planet,
Ruthless invaders,
And dozens of unanswered questions.

Add in Captain Jeryl Montgomery,
And you have a recipe for disaster.

He did it all.
Put a stop to a five-year war.
Made the Galactic Council a reality.

But how long will peace last?
How long till he feels the burden of command?
How long till he has to fight?
Not long.

When a woman and her child beg The Seeker for help,
Captain Montgomery can’t help it...
He joins the fray, and takes up arms against the Udenar.

But there are secrets to be uncovered,
And decisions to be made.

When the frontline is on fire,
What matters the most?
A Captain’s duty…
Or a Captain’s honor?