The Good Twin's Baby

by Crimson Vixens

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You think you want my brother
Think that I’m just bad
But baby, you have no idea
Just how good bad can be...

I’m hard for her the moment she walks in my life.
She needs a baby, I need a wife.

But I'm not the only one after her
My slimeball twin brother has her in his sight.
He’s going to use her and hurt her
Not this time. Not without a fight.

I’ll do whatever it takes to protect her.
Wrap my arms around her and make her mine.
Anyone want to get in my fucking way?
I’ll f*ck you up. I swear you’ll rue the day.

I may be bad. But I’m the good twin in this.
And I’ll take her and show her in every way.

Till the day she’s got little twins of mine growing inside.