Hope's Bakery: A Contemporary Christian Romance

by Sophie Mays

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Hope Nolan is too busy for love, and that is just fine with her. Between her bakery and her six-year-old son, Rylan, her heart and her schedule remain full.

Besides, she knows full well the complications love can bring. One naive choice during her headstrong teenage years saw her facing more responsibility than a girl that age should face. Hope Nolan is strong though, and with the help of her mother, she manages to raise Rylan and run a thriving business in her hometown of Magnolia Harbor.

“The Wedding Cake Queen” they affectionately call her in any town within 20 miles of Magnolia Harbor, and not because she likes weddings. Her cake and cookie decorating skills are the talk of the town, and her blog where she displays her latest creations has twenty times as many followers as the population of Magnolia Harbor.

There’s only one problem, a handsome and well-traveled young chef is opening up a restaurant in the space across from Hope’s bakery, disrupting her satisfying and uncomplicated life. His tiramisu might even manage to steal some of her regular customers.

In the end, Hope will need to decide how she is going to handle this new addition to Main St. She may even learn that the most unexpected miracles happen when chooses to do what’s right for her son, her business, and her heart.