Tempted By Fire

by Meg Ripley

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With her startling blue eyes, blonde hair, and a body to die for, Alyssa Thompson wasn’t your typical biologist. Looking past her beauty, I could see not only how brilliant she was, but that she and her laboratory were hiding a huge secret. As a potential investor in their company, I was determined to find out what it was, but I didn’t realize just what it might cost me--or all of dragonkind.

It only took one night to show me how quickly my life could change, and how hard I could fall for a simple human woman.

***This is the fourth installment of the Dragons Of The Darkblood Secret Society series. Each story is a standalone and may be read in any order.

Book 1: Playing With Fire
Book 2: Marked By Fire
Book 3: Enchanted By Fire
Book 4: Tempted By Fire