Disciplining Catherine

by Samantha Madisen

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Spoiled southern belle Catherine is sent to Redland Junction by her scheming stepmother Scarlett to be taught a lesson. Little does she expect that there are not one, but two very rugged, very handsome cowboys waiting to pick her up at the train station. Convinced that she will find a job and work until she has enough money to escape, Catherine underestimates the men's protective instincts.

Austin and Erik have been waiting for a woman like Catherine their whole lives. But it doesn't take long before they tire of her arrogant and defiant ways. They know only one way to correct such behaviour, by taking her in hand and administering a firm spanking.

It doesn't take long for Austin and Erik to realise that Catherine is the woman they've been waiting for their whole lives. After a hastily arranged wedding they begin their life together as men and wife.

Shocked at first by their dominant ways, Catherine soon finds herself submitting to their masterful lovemaking, craving not just their punishment but the affection that follows. As she is trained, corrected and prepared to take them both, she comes to love the idea of being a wife to not one, but two handsome and powerful cowboys.

A steamy, standalone romance with two dominant cowboys and a HEA. This book contains explicit scenes.