Eligible Receiver

by Haley Pierce

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That night changed everything.

It was the night of my little sister’s graduation. Sasha was the star of the show, but truth? I couldn’t take my eyes off Lacey. My little sister’s best friend, all grown up.

Lacey was headed to a musical conservatory across the country. I was the NFL’s top draft pick. Our dreams were on the brink of coming true. Cause for celebration.

And damn, did we celebrate.

But now I’m back in town, and Lacey's so close I can almost taste her. I’m sure as hell not leaving town without doing that. Now that I’m a pro-athlete, I can have any woman I want, but Lacey is the only girl that ever made me feel anything.

And I’m going to make sure I have one more night with her, even if everything changes again.