Stealing from a Sorcerer: Grug Smash Book 2

by Sean McKenzie

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Amulet gone. Sorcerer took it. Grug not-smart again.

Grug’s body is recovering from the sorcerer’s attack, but the wounds in his mind are much harder to heal. The return to below-average intelligence leaves him broken, haunted by the memory of intelligence lost, and the near-impossibility of getting it back.

Grug sad.

While Grug lies in bed, the sorcerer furthers his plot. Not content with the kingdom of Belakeer, he begins to sow chaos and discord in the surrounding countries, putting the entire continent on the brink of war. Grug and his friends, with the help of a mysterious, female orc, must somehow clear the thieves guild of traitors, learn the details of an evil plot, and find a way to steal the amulet back from under the sorcerer’s very nose—oh, and save the world.

Grug tired already.