Dirty Talking Alpha

by Mia Luxe

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I used to call her names. Now she’s going to scream out mine.

Professor James Wilson:

She brings out the bully in me. The person I left behind 4 years ago when I moved to the UK.
When she walks into my classroom, so innocent and untouched…

It burns me to the core.

The waif I used to bully grew up, and now she’s the one torturing me with her curves.

I need her.

I need to tame her. Make her whimper my name and succumb to her dark lust.
I know just the words to turn her into my submissive.

Kit Chapman:

This can’t be happening.

The meathead jock who made my life a living hell is NOT my new teacher.
I traveled 3,500 miles to escape my past… and landed in my bully’s classroom.

He might have changed his last name and gotten a bad boy tattoo, but he’s the same cocky jerk.
He thinks I’ll forget how he made my life a living hell and fall into the palm of his hand.

When I’m framed as a drug dealer and kicked out of dorms, I have the devil’s choice.

Do I move back to the states, or into my former bully’s home?

Will I be able to resist his filthy, honeyed voice as he spells out my darkest needs?