The Seeker's Storm (Bk 6)

by Lea Carter

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Truth Seeker Kuntza faces challenges above and below the sea’s surface, fighting deadly misinformation as well as a bizarre and complicated plot to wipe out most of the Sky Fairy Tribe. Under his instruction, lightning machines are constructed to overcome a terrible snowstorm. But what of the grave threat from the Water Fairy Tribe—Kuntza’s tribe—to the surface tribes?
Admiral Constance Kimberlite and Prince Cambrian Bijou and the young Historian Rolf Warner accompany the Seeker beneath the waves to assist him in his efforts to overcome his tribe’s fears of an impending invasion. Meanwhile Amber Bullierd, daughter and heir of the rebellious Count Bullierd, threatens to block their success through intrigue and a terrifying coup attempt. With the fate of Fairydom hanging in the balance, there is no room for error.