Boy + Friend

by Lina Langley

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Boy + Friend is a collection of romantic m/m stories by best selling author Lina Langley. They're friends. Friendship is great... but these men are feeling a different type of love.
Stories include:
- Promises of Eternity
When Gabriel's best friend Holden gets left at the altar, Gabriel has to step up his emotional support. It doesn’t take long for him to realize what his true feelings are toward Holden.
- Be Mine
Mac Adler has had a crush on his best friend Barrett for the longest time. Kissing him should be a good thing, except it might have destroyed their friendship for good. Mac isn’t sure how to fix it.
- Chasing The Sea
It's just Hunter, the guy he's interested in, a cat and a boat... It’s the perfect opportunity to make a move. That’s until they need to take the boat back in and Hunter realizes he’s going to have to pick between who he wants to be with and his family.
- A La Carte Friend
For most best friends, becoming stepbrothers would be a dream come true. For anyone else, it would be easy, but Brighton’s crush on his new stepbrother is getting too hard to handle. Especially when it’s clear Jaden feels the same way,
- Greg knows he shouldn't keep secrets from his best friend, especially not about his sexuality. But Kyle has secrets of his own. Can their secrets bring them closer together or will they tear them apart for good?
Warning: This story may content triggering content. It is approximately 100,000+ words in length and contains language & erotic adult scenes. It is intended for adults.