Bossing the Virgin

by Suzanne Hart

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I’m new in town, new to the job and a new piece of ass for Felix Stone to destroy

I moved to San Fransisco from Minnesota to start a new life.
Getting mixed up in Felix Stone’s world was never my intention.
He’s my boss. He’s filthy rich with a heart of stone.
I’m just a small-town girl trying to learn the ropes.

I know he’s against the rules, he needs to keep his hands off me.
But once he touches me, I can never forget that feeling of my panties soaking wet.
I’m addicted to his body, I’m desperate for one more touch.
I’m an idiot because I keep going back for more.

Felix shuts everyone out. He shuts his daughter out too, and she’s just a six year old kid.
Why would I be any different?
I know he wants nothing more from me, than to ravish my shuddering body.

By the end of this cat and mouse game, I’m going to be left standing with my panties at my ankles and my heart in my hands.