Keeping Mr. Sweet

by Misti Murphy

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Sam Sweets has always been there to rescue me.
He loved me when no one else could. Not even my own family.
I loved him too. More than I ever thought possible.
But love is dangerous. It destroys. It cuts deep and leaves wounds that aren’t visible to the naked eye.
So I left him to protect him from the damage I could cause.
It didn’t make a difference. I hurt him anyway.
But maybe this time I can make it right.

I didn’t mean to fall in love with the broken girl next door.
My sister’s best friend was off limits, and besides she was too young.
But she was also mine.
I shouldn’t have been surprised that she didn’t stay.
She wasn’t ready for picket fences, wedding dresses, and babies when she had the world at her feet.

Now she’s back. A scandal on her heels. Still the damaged girl I knew. And I want to make her mine all over again.