Untamed (New York Heirs #1.5)

by Drea Blackery

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He’s my boss. I’m his bodyguard.
He’s the man I love. I’m his best friend.
For years I’ve stayed by his side, watching him chase other women—love other women.
I thought being invisible to Marlon was the most painful thing that could happen to me.
It isn’t.
It’s having him say he wants me that hurts. It’s knowing he’ll discard me when he’s done that hurts.
My heart may be his, but my body has to remain mine.
It’s the only way I’ll survive him.


They call me The Wolf, named for the way I take down my business rivals and devour them whole.
What they don’t know is that in the wild, wolves hunt with ravens.
Emma is my raven.
She’s my spotter, my sentry, my keeper, silently watching over me from the darkness.
Now that I’ve finally noticed her, I can’t look away.
My raven plans to flee from me. I’m about to give her the fight of her life.
And when I win, I will claim her as my prize.

Untamed is a standalone novella in the New York Heirs Series
*Contains explicit intimate scenes and profanity.