Blissful Brownies & Murder Review Club

by Caroline Chase

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All I want to do is run my bakery in my peaceful little town.
And I already have a customer one morning when I open up.
Except…he's dead.

Brynn Monroe really wants a date with Alec Anders, the handsome detective that keeps the tiny town of Chesapeake Pointe safe.
It’s too bad the murder of Sly, the local butcher, has to complicate things.
But top it all off, it’s her best friend and roomie Lisa that’s now the main suspect.

Brynn knows Lisa couldn’t kill anyone.
Sure, she’s quirky and odd.
But that’s what makes her endearing.
But if Lisa didn’t kill the butcher, then who did?
Who could hate him so much?

Uhmm…how about everyone?

Once more the residents of the sleepy little village on the ocean are scratching their heads.
Wondering who was crafty enough to bloodlessly kill the meanest man in town.
Brynn has some ideas.
She doesn’t have much time to prove Lisa’s innocence.
And this time the killer might be after Brynn herself.
But above all, she needs to be careful.
With Lisa as a suspect, the police are watching their every move.

Which might not be a bad thing…if Alec is the one doing the watching.