Bought For Entertainment

by Randell Mccreary

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I'm prepared to do anything to get my family out of debt. Even if it means dropping out of school and becoming an escort. It's a price worth paying.
Becoming an escort isn't the easiest thing around. People always say about the money that prostitutes make, but I know that it's rarely as glamorous as it seems. And I'm a guy. There isn't nearly as many guy prostitutes than there is women. But right now, we're so close to being kicked out of home. I have to do something. I have to stop us being thrown out on the streets.
I find a company. Lusthaven. A company that's keen to have me, and keen to make sure I don't do anything without their express permission. And they want me to be a male escort... to other men.
Well, it could be worse, I suppose.