Made To Obey A Demon

by Hollie Hutchins

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I'm not the kind of girl who believes in Heaven and Hell. But when I come face to face with a demon... you could say I'm a quick study in shifting beliefs...

There's lots of things girls worry about. Men. Looking good. Pictures on social media. Deleting unwanted images on their phones. We all have hidden desires, I suppose. Some less hidden than others. But most people wouldn't dare act upon them.

That is, until I see someone watching people from my school. It's strange, weird, and I'm fairly certain he can't be up to anything good.

Turns out, he's a bit of a devil. As in, the kind that whispers into your ear, asks what you want, and then you have an uncontrollable urge to answer them just exactly what it is you crave. Your deepest, darkest desire. Out in the open. He makes people do insane, taboo things.

And for some reason, I think I can stop him. I think I can make sure he doesn't drive anyone else to extremes again...