Saved By The Cruel Bear Beast

by Hollie Hutchins

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I have to help my little brother. I have to brave the monsters. But the monsters are looking for me...

I live in a small town, and I've never gone past the bubble that protects us from the evil beyond. Something happened to our world, something horrible. We all know the bubble protects us from the demons outside.
But when the Black Cough ravages our town, threatening the lives of many people, including my little brother, I know I have to risk everything to help him. We don't have the herbs that can cure the disease in the barrier. I have to go Beyond, and hope that I find the plants there.
But I'm watched by two groups of demons. And one group has an interest in me. An interest for me to unlock any magic potential in my veins... which apparently lies between my legs.
I'm prepared to do so... as long as I can save my brother.