A Virgin For The Filthy Boss

by Hollie Hutchins

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My boss has something magnetic about him. Something that makes me want to surrender everything...

I start work with optimism, proud to be here and earning money in my father's company. There's another new worker here as well, and he's my boss for the floor I'm on. Albert Dawes. 36, sexy as hell, the kind of person I just want to drag into a room and have my wicked way with him.
Except, well, I have... issues in that department. Which is the reason why I'm still a virgin even now, and have never experienced what it's like to feel... that.
When Albert calls me into his private office, sometime digs into me. A compulsion. A desire to obey him. A desire to obey him in virtually anything he asks.
So, yeah. Turns out my boss isn't quite human. He has that whole vampire thing going on.
But I'm sure we can work around that.