The Prince’s Prisoner

by Hollie Hutchins

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"I'm going to f*ck you, to make you scream. You're mine, my mate, bound to me forever."
I wanted him to take everything from me, to claim me hard beneath the light of the moon. I felt his teeth graze against my bare shoulder and I quivered with anticipation. He kissed my neck, slipping his fingers out of me as he began to caress and stroke my body.
His hands claimed every inch of me with their touch, fiery and fierce, making me moan and whine with desire. My muscles tensed and I moaned as he pressed himself against my back, feeling the tip of his c*ck pressing against my opening.
I was supposed to have found my happily ever after, but what's a girl to do when your prince turns out to be the wrong one?
It's the classic tale: girl horribly abused by family, meets handsome prince and is whisked away by him to live life happily ever after. The only problem? I was more in love with freedom than I was with him.
I thought I'd be stuck in a life of loneliness and misery, until I met Argent, the prince's prisoner. He was everything the prince wasn't. Intelligent, kind, sexy. We'd had an instant connection despite his incarceration. He'd been brutally tortured and sentenced to death, but I had no idea why. The prince refused to tell me, and insisted I forget about it.
I couldn't do that. Not when the pull I felt towards Argent was so strong. Not when the thought of a life without him left me cold.
If the prince found out the truth, we'd both be in trouble. I needed to do something.
I needed to save us both.