Too Big To Fail

by Lesley Finch

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Rosanna’s future is carefully mapped out, and she is leaving nothing to chance. Before she begins her economics degree, she will spend the summer as an intern in the Takeovers & Acquisitions team at the London branch of global investment bank Kruger Partners. When she notices on her first day that her fellow interns Deborah and Amelia boast similarly voluptuous physical assets, she dismisses this as a coincidence. But her faith in the morality of the business world rapidly turns to vehement disapproval as she realizes that there is a pattern to Kruger Partners’ recruitment policy, which has less to do with A-level results than with cup size. Plunged into a world of institutionalized pornographic sexism, Rosanna is determined to blow the whistle, regardless of the consequences to her career in banking, and indeed to the future of the banking industry as a whole. However, she soon comes into conflict with Deborah, who is determined to play the system, and has revolutionary ideas of her own…