Wrong Kiss: An enemies-to-lovers billionaire romance

by Lexi Aurora


Everything about him spells trouble. Unfortunately, everything about him spells temptation, too…

I’ve always been an accepting person, but every time I look at Nick, I just don’t get why women are all over him.

Okay, maybe I get it a little bit. He is more than fine on the outside. He’s got money, stone-cold-looks, and body that gets me caught staring at all the wrong times.

It’s just too bad he’s got to open his mouth sometimes too.

I wish my best friend would get that through her head.
I don’t care if she thinks Nick’s best friend is the one. I don’t care that she has some fantasy about us all getting married and having kids together.

It’s not going to happen.

I’m pretty set on the idea that Nick is the last person I would ever sleep with. Plus, I’ve seen the type he sleeps with. He’s not into the curvy type.

I guess though… If there was a chance, and if he promised to only use his mouth for things other than talking. I could make an exception just once.

Warning: “Wrong Kiss: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romance” contains adult language and scenes. It is written for mature readers. As always, an HEA and all the heat you can handle is guaranteed.