His Silver City Gold

by Emilee Harris

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Fulfilling a promise can lead to the greatest adventure...

Colorado, 1867. Rick Augustine has a promise to keep. Having left his familial estate in Prussia to join the American war effort and find adventure, he’s now faced with fulfilling the dying wish of a comrade. His good intentions get derailed when he meets Lucy, a helper in the boarding house he’s staying at. He suddenly finds it hard to remember his purpose every time she enters the room.

After losing not only her job but the only home she’s ever known, Lucy Manning must start from scratch in a new city. Without references and very little to live on, her chances of success aren’t good. At least until she runs into the boarder who had a hand in getting her into this mess. She hasn’t been able to get Rick out of her thoughts or her dreams, so when fate throws them together again, she decides to follow her heart.

What starts out as a simple trip to Leadville soon turns into a massive undertaking as Rick and Lucy face a set of mysterious instructions, robbery, and Rick’s father sending men to drag him home whether he likes it or not. The world seems intent on tearing them apart, can their budding love keep them together?