Broken Angel: A Military Romance

by Kristy Gibs

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Is there ever a way to move forward when you feel like you have nothing to move toward? How do you move on when the one person that meant everything to you is gone forever?

Angelina Owens was on top of the world. At 23, she was finishing up her master's degree, her fiancé, Matthew, was weeks away from separating from the Marine Corps for good, and, in a few short months, she was going to be celebrating her honeymoon. Everything in her life was straight out of a fairy tale, until a tragic day that turned her world upside down.

Although she made a promise to her late fiancé that no matter what happened she would move on, it was easier said than done. It took months before she found the strength to piece her life back together, and an unexpected man she met at a benefit for fallen heroes gave her the spark she needed to get her life back on track.