Dirty Fake Fiancé

by Sky Corgan

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A crazy ex.
A wedding on a yacht.
And one fake fiancée.
I love my sister and will do anything for her.
But when I arrive to board her wedding cruise and she tells me my ex is going to be there, I know I need to take drastic action.
I can’t spend three days alone on a boat with that psychotic, traitorous woman.
But a red-haired, oval-eyed beauty boarding the ship catches my eye.
Just what I need.
I make her an offer she can’t refuse.
She accepts my proposal and my money.
Three days should have been the end of it.
But I don’t want our relationship to be fake.
Not after getting to know her and the connection we share.
It started out because of my crazy ex, but now, I need her in my life permanently.
I want to make my fake fiancée the real thing.