Unveiled: Book One of The Jewel Chronicles

by E.M. Sinclair

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Ellesmera, a girl with no past. Found as a child, surrounded by death, she is adopted by a people who view her with suspicion and fear. Her family keeps her, and her secrets, safe, until one day she begins to manifest strange powers. As her magic makes itself known, she becomes entangled in an age-old battle between the Shining and the Shadowed gods, and her life is torn apart by the secret burden dwelling within her heart.

Nadriel, an outcast god with a lethal reputation. Trusted by no one, he serves his own whims, pledging himself neither to the Land Above nor the Land Below. When he is contracted by the Shining to take a strange girl on a journey across the Middle Realm, he accepts, thinking the task mundane and simple. He couldn't be more wrong. Caught up in events that will challenge the most basic beliefs he holds about humanity, Nadriel finds himself forced to make choices that could reshape the very fabric of Terra.

The Jewel awakens. The three worlds tremble. God and mortal are entangled by fate, and as their paths intertwine, they must face a new reality; one that might claim both of their lives.