New England Nightwalkers: Steamy, THREE-book paranormal romance collection

by Chloe Cole

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Bookish librarian or vampire hunter?

When nightwalker Gabriel Thorne is tasked to do recon on Zara Matheson, he thinks it’s a waste of time. This shy bookworm’s edgiest achievement is winning a blue ribbon for the county’s best pumpkin pie. It’s only when he meets her face to face that he realizes his mistake. Because while she might look like an angel, Zara brings out the beast in him.

Zara Matheson hasn’t been the same since the mysterious death of her father, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it. When her investigation leads her to Club Nitris, she slips into the seductive world of dominance and submission with a man who rocks her to the core. But is their searing attraction blinding her to the danger that surrounds her?

Book 2- Mated

Irena has loved her maker from afar for centuries, keeping him at a distance because he was also her sister’s mate. Now, with Melissande dead and gone at the hands of a vampire hunter, she still feels the forbidden pull between them that has been hounding her since before her creation. And Ezekiel’s grief only makes it harder to do what she knows she must: stage a coup and take over his reign as Master of Nightwalkers before he burns it—and them—all to the ground in his grief.

Ezekiel has managed to fight his unholy attraction to his mate’s sister for five hundred years. Now that his beloved has been murdered in cold blood, he’ll have to fight more than just their attraction as Irena tries to overthrow him and take his seat as Master.

Book 3- Conquered

When Phin first met Steph, he thought she was the most irritating, annoying, sexy, unforgettable woman he’d ever met. He fought his attraction to her because she was human and could never be his. But even after he used every trick in the nightwalker arsenal to make her forget him, her heart remembers. Can he stay strong enough for both of them, or will he give in to the chemistry between them that not even magic can stop?