The Other Side of Broken

by Susan Haught

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One night shattered her life—a horror fifteen years couldn’t erase. To escape the past she must first relive it.
(previously published as A Song for Ladybug, Dec. 2017)

Rachel Caldarone hides the memories of the night she was sexually assaulted in a locked compartment in her mind, but when a letter arrives notifying her of her attacker’s request for early release from prison, the past threatens to unlock the horror.

Miles Malone, local veterinarian and SAR volunteer can’t forget the woman he comforted the day her husband went missing five years ago, whose image guides him through his own nightmares of Iraq and a senseless personal loss. Nor can he untangle Rachel’s daughter—the little girl everyone calls Ladybug—from his heart. An audacious adventurer by nature, Miles is accustomed to taking risks—but he can’t compete with a ghost.

As Rachel’s fears deepen, so do her feelings for Miles. With Miles by her side, Rachel gathers the courage to ensure the man who assaulted her remains behind bars. But her defenses collapse at the prison and she can’t contain the horrifying memories. Miles vows to protect her and keep her from disappearing into the past—and from his life.

Rachel is a survivor—but surviving the aftermath without losing Miles may be more than either of them bargained for.