by Amanda Lutterman

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Buried deep beneath mounds of red tape, agencies and Government procedure, the US Military houses secret facilities and programs that produce countless advancements for futuristic operations. Jonathan Davis, also known as, Hammer, is part of one such operation, leading an elite group of specialized Marine’s under the Banner of Project Genesis.

Elite super soldiers enhanced with animal DNA, Hammer’s team is the crème of the crop; faster, stronger and better equipped to deal with the even the most dangerous of missions with improved hearing, stamina, sight and smell.
They are the envy of the troops, and the first ones sent in when conditions promise to become volatile.

Unfortunately, foreign entities have learned of Project Genesis and have tried to emulate the results on their own soil. When Hammer’s CO learns of a new, experimental facility hidden deep within enemy territory, Hammer’s team is sent in to gather desperately needed intel.

What the team discovers will shake the very foundation of Project Genesis and send them down a rabbit hole of mystery, confusion and secrets that may very well destroy them all.