Soul: a Paranormal Ghost Romance : Damned Series Book 3

by Charmaine Ross

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How bad can bad get?

Pretty damn bad. That’s the conclusion Cassie Hunter draws, and it’s quite easy to reach. Not only is she the embodiment of a powerful portal that can open dimensions of reality, but she has accidentally unleashed an entity so dark it is annihilating thousands of souls right in front of her eyes.

The darkness is intent on Cassie’s destruction, but she must stay alive to protect the innocent. Cassie and detective Elliot Stone find themselves in a desperate corner, condemned to make an impossible choice that will forever change the human world.

Besides that, Cassie can’t touch the man she loves. An unknown entity has taken up residence inside her. And she won’t survive long enough to tell Elliot how much she loves him.

Soul is the third installment in the Damned series. Follow Cassie on her journey through perilous dimensions of reality to fight for the love of her life.