All the Wild Ways

by Caroline Tate

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It’s another scorching summer in North Carolina, and Garrett Anderson is the only man who can quench my thirst and ease my fire.

The Garrett I grew up with was my best friend’s older brother, first string fullback of the football team, and the one guy I could confide in.

But ten years ago, tragedy struck at Lake Carson and flipped both our worlds upside down. I recovered the best I knew how, but that dark afternoon changed Garrett.

Now he’s irreverent, emotionally distant, and stubborn.

We’ve shared a few casual nights together, but nothing more. He still craves me, I know he does. The electricity racing through my bones whenever he’s around is so jarring that I know it tortures him, too.

But I’m not supposed to want him. He hates me for denying that I ever desired him to begin with, but if he won’t open up to me and let me inside that head of his, I’m done.

Every time I see him, it’s pure tension. But there’s something about that torturous look in the green of his eyes and the sultry smirk on his harsh lips that keeps drawing me back to him.

With the shared pain from our past resurfacing, will he open himself up long enough to let me in for good? Or will that dreadful afternoon at Lake Carson have sealed our fate for life?