Rainbow Dreams

by CL Rowell

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I'm just a small town girl from Arkansas with dreams as big as rainbows, and I knew, as soon as I saw his face on Jessie Robertson's debut CD, he was meant to be mine. I'm talking about Phillip Smith, back up singer and keyboard player extraordinaire. We came face to face in New Orleans, thanks to Callie Rhodes - you may know her better as Jessie's girl - and the rest, as they say, is history.
This is book three in the Rock & Roll Girls trilogy. It's a stand alone story that intertwines with the first two books in the series, and gives a front row view of Jessie's side of his and Callie's story, as well as telling the story of Julie and Phillip. Be sure and check out book one - Jessie's Girl, for Jessie and Callie's story, and book two - Fated Love, for Lucy and Leo's story, too!