by Kristin Coley

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At the age of four, Kincaid was left on the doorstep of an orphanage. She grew up with vague memories of a lost family and the haunting lines of a violent fairy tale.
Eventually adopted by a pair of witches, and initiated into the world of magic, the words of her fairy tale echoed a truth she tried to ignore, but couldn’t as her own story unfolded.
At sixteen, her life once again was upturned as a deadly vision destroys the only family she knows.
Six years of surviving made her strong, and she's done running. She's managed to create a life for herself with a fiancé and a good job. Life was picture perfect.
Until he entered the picture.
A man she thought didn't exist.
A man she can’t resist.
He was born to protect her and raised to kill her.
He spent his youth hunting the Davis girls, taught only their deaths could prevent a thousand years of darkness for the witches, and seeking vengeance for the death of his own mother.
Their lives entwined the moment they were born, but will they be each other’s death or salvation?

The Trinity Trilogy
Unbound - Book One (Sinclair's story)
Found - Book Two (Kincaid's story)
Unite - Book Three (Quinn's story)