Quinn Montgomery thought she was normal. Yeah, she'd figured out she was adopted years before, but it didn't mean anything to her. Not until the night someone attempted to murder her and she quickly realized she was anything but normal.
Chosen One.
Words she'd never heard, but which now defined her.

Dane and Quinn.
Their names had been linked since she was ten years old. She thought nothing could ever separate them.
Until it did.

Then came the night she found herself back in front of the one man she thought she’d never see again, and discovered a world of magic she had no idea existed.
A magic she was meant to control according to some old ass prophecy, but only by uniting with sisters she never knew she had.
And oh yeah, defeating an evil warlock and his dark magic coven who wanted her dead.

Eighteen year old's shouldn’t be responsible for the fate of magic in her opinion, but no one bothered to ask her.

The Trinity Trilogy
Unbound - Book One (Sinclair's story)
Found - Book Two (Kincaid's story)
Unite - Book Three (Quinn's story)