by Lee LaCroix

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In wait for an inevitable reprisal following the Battle of Deepshine, the eyes of every Malquian are turned towards the lighted horizon of the sea, but it is from the shadows that the Vandarian Order strikes. After an encounter with Crown Aegis leader Berault, an assassin flees across the sea to the deserts of Kal’resh, southern sibling nation of icy Vandar. Garreth, Kayten, Ilsa, and Novas are called to leave the shores of Malquia and track down the assailant, pursuing their quarry across the towering waves of stormy waters and sandy dunes alike. In their travels from the seaside port of Nacosst to the citadel of Andalvia, the Malquians hear the lament of the native Kal’reth, enslaved by their Vandarian masters, and ignite a conflict that threatens to swallow each of the three nations whole. As they struggle through a centuries old blood feud, will the Malquians return home before the shadow of the Vandari envelops their homeland as well?

Horizon is the third installment of the debut Fantasy series, In the Absence of Kings, by author Lee LaCroix.