Terror and Temptation

by Vella Day

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Trust or run? The wrong decision will be deadly.
After losing three loved ones, Detective Dominic Rossi is an expert at keeping his distance from all things female--that is until he meets Tessa Redman, a woman who seems mighty troubled. She's definitely hiding something from him, but that only brings out his need to protect even more.
When a hot looking detective begins snooping around Tessa's bar, she panics, believing he's there on behalf of her ex-husband--a cop on the take who she turned in--a man who swore he'd kill her.
But Dom's random tenderness awakens something deep inside her, and while he doesn't seem anything like her ex, the guy is a cop--and a rich one at that.
Only after several of her patrons are murdered and her father is killed is she forced to decide: trust Dominic or run for her life?