Hidden Agenda

by Bethany Jadin

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The pressure to choose is on as high-dollar offers pour in.
The men of Pentabyte raise their bid for my code -- and my affection. As things heat up, they have me longing for a merger outside the boardroom, but I can't shake the feeling that the increasing bad luck I've run into isn't just coincidence -- someone is playing a malicious game with my life and I don't know who to trust. Is my heart just another bargaining chip in this nefarious scheme?

* * *

Hidden Agenda is book two of The Code, a reverse harem continuation series of five full-length novels with heart, humor, heat, and an action suspense storyline that gathers in speed and intensity with each book. You'll find a strong woman and five intriguing men, each with their own quirks, wounds, and desires — but their focus is all on her.

There’s Jude, the strong, silent quintessential alpha, always calmly in control.
His twin brother, Jax, the mysterious one with a hungry gleam in his eyes.
Trigg, the athlete and sweetheart who carries his battle scars quietly.
Daniel, the dashing gentleman with a brilliant mind and refined charm.
And Gunner, the youngest of the group and the life of the party.

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Each book in the series picks up where the previous one left off and they must be read in order for the story to make sense. There are a few cliffhangers from book to book, but by the end of the series everything comes to a very satisfying conclusion.