Three sisters, a five hundred year old prophecy, and the fate of witches are in her hands….trouble is she doesn’t know where her sisters are, she’s never heard of this prophecy, and the last time she checked witches didn’t exist.

Sinclair Davis and her sisters were separated as children by their mother, and despite Sinclair’s best attempts she never could find the family she’d lost. By the age of twelve she’d wound up on the streets accompanied by a black cat named Serafin and the ability to cast illusions, a gift that would save her life and change her future.

Now, someone wants her dead and it seems like her past is the key to everything, including why there’s a hot cop now determined to protect her at all costs.

Sin has to find her sisters, figure out this whole prophecy thing, and try not to get killed in the process. Sounds easy enough, right?

And oh yeah, then there's Luke.
One touch.
That was all it took.
He might be the one thing that makes it all worthwhile.