Single Dad

by River Laurent

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My life is going to hell in a handbasket. My bitter rival just stole the technology I spent millions to design and passed it off as his. That means I have less than two weeks to come up with a miracle, or lose everything I’ve worked all my life to get. 
Into this hot mess walks my ex-wife. This is the woman who fought me tooth and nail for custody of my daughter. She shows up at my office, drops my kid at reception, and flies off to Europe. So now I have child, no nanny, and nothing in place to care for my little girl. 
But shite doesn’t hit the fan until my Senior Engineer walks into my office. A juicy, blonde spitfire who heats up my blood and makes me want to forget my number one rule: Do NOT Sleep With Your Employees. 
The owners of multi-million dollar companies should be pot-bellied men who smell of cigars. Not Lincoln Cage. A girl could drown in his stormy eyes. She could even mold her body against those hard muscles. 
Not me, obviously, just a general observation. I’m not looking for a relationship and I’ve got too much self-respect to sleep with my boss. Especially, since he is the most arrogant, demanding, bad-tempered, cocky jerk I’ve ever met.