Taking Two Dragons

by Ariel Marie

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Dragons must bond with their fated mates or risk the Dragon Curse…

Darman Brass, future chieftain of his clan, knew that he had to find his mates and secure his future. The impatient dragon needed to get the curse off his back and the only way he could accomplish this was to mate with the two dragons that were made for him. His only problem was he had to find them.

Shifters from all over the world were arriving in East Grove for the upcoming Mating Ball. Word had spread that dragons were completing their triads in record numbers in the small town. The highly anticipated ball was giving hope to dragons from near and far. Darman, Rain, and Rue were determined to find their destined mates, and the town of East Grove had to be the key.

Will the three dragon shifters find each other in time, or will one of them fall to the dragon curse?

WARNING: This book contains material for mature readers (18+ and older) only. This book contains steamy MFF, bisexual ménage paranormal romance.