Marri's Approach

by Cerise Noble

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Marri believes she knows more about protecting a city-state than its governor. Roy founded and has ruled the community at Brackish Bay for a generation, so he also believes he knows a thing or two about defense.

Supported by a small and loyal group of women soldiers, Marri decides to test her belief and attempt to prove how weak the city's defenses are by infiltrating, undetected, all parts of the sprawling community. She agrees not to harm any citizens in the effort. If she does, and Roy captures her, she could face a death sentence. In any event, being captured trespassing in Brackish Bay means slavery for the rest of her life.

Will Marri manage to keep her violent instincts under wraps long enough to not only prove Roy’s defensive structure is far too weak, but also to escape from Brackish Bay unscathed?

Come with Cerise Noble on another exciting, erotic adventure in the post-apocalyptic future.