Marri's Struggle

by Cerise Noble

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Marri is a soldier who blows a high-risk spy mission. The commanding general is so angry at this that she cashiers Marri from the private army and sells her into slavery. Madame Bon, proprietor of a high-class brothel, buys her and puts her to work. When Madame finds out about Marri’s proclivities and preferences, she has her entertaining the brothel’s roughest clients; a development that Marri finds stimulating, if exhausting.

Along the way she falls in love with Aleksei, another of Madame's slaves, but he is soon put out of her reach. Frustrated, Marri still carries on as best she can, until she finds out the city is threatened with invasion by a warlord, as well as the general who drummed Marri out of her army.

Can Marri secure protection for those she has come to care about, while somehow finding her own way forward?