Jacqueline's Pleasure

by Cerise Noble

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In the future, the world as we know it has ended with a cataclysmic bombardment of all major population centers, causing the breakdown of civilization, the flooding of half the Earth's land, and wholesale loss of technology. The survivors of this cataclysm fight and toil to carry on however they can, forming a variety of different social structures, reviving and reinventing long- lost skills in order to cope with the realities of this new future.

Jacqueline, a beautiful, sensual cast-off from a nomadic horse-trading tribe, wanders in and offers herself to the mistress of the House of Brackish Bay; Jessica, the governor's wife.

Jessica is the lovely and much-beloved co- founder and guiding light of a thriving community that spans both sides of a great river where it empties into the sea. She and her husband, Roy, have built a village in the wilderness, a place where a solid and strictly disciplined social arrangement means protection and comfort for all its inhabitants.

In Jessica's home, Jacqueline finds safety for herself and her daughter, as well as pleasure for herself. But can she have love, as well?

Jacqueline's story continues in this, the fourth volume of Cerise Noble's Brackish Bay saga, as she struggles to find her place in this new territory, and learns just how deeply her emotions can run.