On the Disappearing Path

by Sera James

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I make bad decisions, but falling in love was my worst.

Every time Jules disappears, I vow to leave him once and for all. This is the last time he’ll ever stand me up. But a week goes by and he’s still gone. My anger twists into fear. The parents and my friends are thrilled that his crazy ass is out of my life, but there’s something they don’t know: I’m going too. I’m going wherever he went. Jules might be a mess, but he’s my mess, and I’m not abandoning him.

All I have are questions and clues, but they lead me to a foreign village where people have been known to disappear. And I disappear too.

When I wake, I'm surrounded by strangers who swear that I'm their goddess. Now I've got to play along if I want to stay alive...

THE GODDESS FRACTURE is a fantasy adventure series with a noir mystery twist. Follow Ariann through a deep, rich new world of mysticism, sabotage, and sacrifice.