Sawtooth Peaks Box Set: Wolf Shifter Paranormal Romance

by Keira Blackwood

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Sawtooth Peaks the Complete Series Box Set contains three novels featuring two wolf shifter brothers and the women that grow to love them. Expect steamy, action-packed romance, scorching love scenes, and a happily ever after ending.

Running to the Pack

Hailey Archer is on the run. Fleeing from a dangerous stalker, she's throwing away the life she's built over the past three years. She could go anywhere, but she's drawn to the one place she's always felt safe, her rural hometown of Sawtooth Peaks. She finds refuge with her sister, but Hailey can't resist visiting her high school sweetheart. No amount of time away could prepare her for seeing the love of her life again, and for the storm of emotions that come with one look at the strapping, dominant man that he's become. Finding her strength again proves difficult when the man of her dreams has something to hide.

Burly wolf shifter, Cole Tenbrook, is next in line for alpha. With the impending threat of a rival pack leader, the Sawtooth Peak wolves look to Cole to take a she-wolf mate and claim his rightful position. When the girl he pushed away returns, he struggles to find the strength to keep the stunning woman she's become at arms length again. His inner wolf growls to mark her as his mate, but to claim a human he would need to forfeit his right to become alpha. How can he protect her when his secret could kill her?

Defending the Pack

Hailey Archer is madly, completely in love with her high school sweetheart, for the second time. Becoming acquainted with the dark, growly wolf side of the love of her life intrigues her as much as the sculpted, gorgeous man she fell for. But finding peace and balance in her new life proves difficult when her mate’s secrets draw him away into the night. The more she learns about the hidden shifter world, the less Hailey can share with the sister that she has always confided in.

Cole Tenbrook gave up his birthright to mate the woman he loved. When he should be celebrating his life-long commitment to his beautiful, curvy mate, the weight of protecting her threatens to consume him. While Cole waits for judgment from the Therion Tribunal, forces in the shadows reveal themselves, and threaten to pull the couple apart.

Can their love survive the dangers of the shifter world?

Uniting the Pack

Trixie Walker is a survivor. Escaping imprisonment by the madman that murdered her mate, she's fighting to rebuild her town, her pack, and herself. After living a life of duty, her world is thrown upside down with a single glimpse of a magnificent, sculpted stranger.

Powerful wolf shifter, Lance Tenbrook is charismatic and confident. But, after a string of meaningless relationships, finding the right woman seems hopeless until one phone call changes his life forever. With turmoil in the surrounding territories, the Sawtooth Peaks wolves look to him to choose a mate and claim his place as alpha.

Consumed by the irresistible draw toward one another, the couple is unprepared when betrayal strikes.